The Conjunctio Team

We are a small team of professional practitioners with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Nicholas DiNapoli

Owner, Tarot Reader, Hermetic Magician

Fascinated by all things Magick, Nick obtained his major in Religious Studies and minors in Psychology and Traditional Eastern Arts from Naropa University. He has studied under Tibetan and Zen Buddhist masters, Christian mystics, Sufi lineage holders, Hindu Yogis, Jungian Alchemists, traditional Shamans and more. An avid reader, Nick has worked for years at the famous Lighthouse Bookstore in Boulder Co, guiding would be seekers to their next step in their personal spiritual journeys. After years of practice in traditional witchcraft as well as Golden Dawn style Hermetic Magick he decided that it might be a good idea to try and offer some of his knowledge to those who might benefit from it.

“Could it be that we are, in fact, more capable than we have dared to imagine?” – Nick DiNapoli

Vim Phlox

Professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor

Vim has had an obsession with Astrology for over 14 years; prompting strangers for their sun sign at every possible occasion she soon enough found herself falling down the rabbit hole of psycho-astrology. She has been persistent in reading people’s birth charts for the better part of a decade and has attended over a thousand hours worth of workshops and independent online classes. Through the tools of astrology Vim has been able to distinguish her unique talents from the talents of those around her. Armed with a solidified sense of self, she wishes to do nothing less than facilitate the same process of self discovery for others. Her passion is to empower people to come into their uniqueness and assist in their journey towards becoming their authentic selves.

“Astrology has helped me to learn about myself–even if it was a hit to my ego–pulling up a veil which was placed over my eyes as a young child.”

James Tien

Reiki Master, and Teacher of Tai Ji Chuan

A graduate of Naropa University’s Traditional Eastern Arts program, core Tai Chi Chuan, James has also studied the disciplines of Aikido and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. These disciplines and more have given him insight into the interconnection of mind and body, as well as fostering an understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the nature of religion and spirituality, and a way to live in the modern world in harmony with our ancient wisdom. He envisions a world where humanity is responsible for its own health and its interaction with the larger universe. He trusts that Reiki can be the energetic boost necessary to kick start holistic mechanisms of healing and guide all individuals to a brighter future, wherever they may be presently.

“Let’s see how the Tao can work for you.”

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