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On Elemental Spirits (Excerpt From my Upcoming Book: 7 Spirits)

As I had previously written about thoughtforms in an earlier chapter, it would behoove us to discuss an entity known as an elemental. As opposed to a thought form, an elemental is a decidedly different class of being. Like thoughtforms though, they can be beneficent or malevolent; however unlike thought forms, elementals are inherent toContinue reading “On Elemental Spirits (Excerpt From my Upcoming Book: 7 Spirits)”

A Bit About Fairies (Excerpt From my Upcoming Book: 7 Spirits)

Fairies are of an interesting sort largely because even the most well-read and well-practiced among us don’t really know exactly what they are or indeed where exactly they come from. It doesn’t help us much that the term ‘Fairy’ has been used at one time or another to describe any and all types of magical creatures. For our purposes,Continue reading “A Bit About Fairies (Excerpt From my Upcoming Book: 7 Spirits)”

About Me

Hello! My name’s Nick and what a ride it’s been.

Several years ago I had a vision of God. This is generally called a theophany experience, but at the time I didn’t know it.

In fairness I didn’t know much of anything but what’s an atheist to do after they come face to face with a God? If I’m being honest, the experience probably saved my life. You can only fall so far down the hole of nihilism and drug addiction before the bottom drops out, ya dig?

Well anyway, in 2017 I graduated with a degree in Religious Studies from Naropa University out in Boulder Colorado and have been writing and speaking on matters pertaining to magick, spirits, the occult and religion ever since.

I spend most of my free time reading wild and far out shit written by much smarter folks than I about the origins of religion. This blog is for my love of sharing that information. With any luck, you’ll dig it too!

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