About Me

Hello! My Name’s Nick.

I’ve been studying religion and magick for the better part of a decade now. A few years back I picked up degrees in religious studies, psychology and, believe it or not, Tai-Ji Chuan. I’ve been writing and speaking about these things ever since.

About a decade ago now, I almost killed myself. Sorry to start off so heavy but there it is.

I was wandering about aimlessly in a haze of nihilism and, if I’m being honest, life was a total drag. It was by sheer grace that I was saved from that nightmare existence as one day, for no reason at all (the tremendous cocktail of drugs I was on, my total abandonment for personal safety and some cursory meditation practice notwithstanding) I had a vision of the divine. I came face to face with what I could only describe as God.

Now, as an avowed atheist, this was a somewhat disconcerting happening. What was I to make of this experience? How was I supposed to integrate the fact that I had come face to face with a God I didn’t believe in?

As you might imagine, I turned into a believer real quick. Coming face to face with a God tends to have that effect. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

The weird bit was, not everyone in my life believed me! And fair enough. Before I had the experience, I wouldn’t have believed me either.

It didn’t help that my exuberance was more grating than infectious. As it turns out, shouting about the immanence of the divine isn’t exactly socially acceptable here in the U.S. Shockingly, when a hardcore atheist starts shouting about how God is everywhere and loves everyone, they are very liable to wind up in a padded room.

But I was pretty sure I wasn’t crazy, and though that’s definitely what a crazy person would think, I basically just assumed the best case scenario and went from there. The alternative was far less interesting.

What wound up happening was that I dropped out of my International Relations program, took a ridiculous road trip across the United States to study mysticism, eventually enrolled in and graduated from the Religious Studies program at Naropa University after studying religion and meditation, started working as a freelance writer and launched a YouTube channel.

And here we are.

Ever since that wild day in my D.C. apartment, I’ve been fascinated with the psychological underpinning of the religious stories and myths of the past. I’ve dedicated most of my adult life to peel back the layers of symbolism to get at the true meaning beneath.

Wont you join me?

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