What is Reiki?

The Reiki method was established by Mikao Usui in the 1920s and all Reiki Masters succeed his lineage. Reiki is a complementary type of energetic therapy which may promote regeneration, relaxation, equanimity, and personal growth.

The energy of Reiki is “intelligent” in that it always flows where it needs to and where it will work best, even if it is not felt immediately. It has only positive effects and can be given in infinite generosity. Though it is not a cure or treatment for any illness and is not a substitute for medical intervention or mental health counseling, the anecdotal effects can be quite profound.

Reiki energy work involves a trained and certified Reiki practitioner channeling Reiki energy through their palms over areas of body where assistance in healing and moving energy is requested. It can also be performed at a distance through intention and use of an astral or physical substitute for the clients body.

We hypothesize Reiki functions by changing the system of a person’s energy through mutual consent and attention placed on individual ailments and transmuting such ailments into a state of health. In this way, Reiki heals not only the individual, but altars the individuals effect on their environment. When we feel good, we are more able to move through our lives in a healthy and happy frame of mind, thus impacting our interactions with the larger world.

Reiki comes from a source which is aware and helps unconditionally. It is not the channeler’s own energy. In addition to subtle bodies and spiritual aspects of a person, our practitioners intend to channel Reiki to our clients physical body, and all its anatomical and physiological components to a biochemical level and beyond. It will work with every individual as they are with whatever belief system they may carry.

Reiki is channeled from a spiritual source, but it is non-denominational and can work with and enhance a preexisting connection to other religions or spiritual practices, or work without any particular affiliation. It is not the practitioner’s own energy, it merely accesses their energy field as channel, so there is no risk of personal transfer or drain to the channeler. 

¬†If you are unsure about what Reiki can do for you, or if you are interested in trying Reiki, head on over to our services page and let us know some times you’re available for a phone consultation.

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